The Elite-Egalitarian Interdisciplinary Journal

Volume 0


Constraint Theory in Economics
Chaos in recent Markets a result of failure to recognize the importance of Constraint Theory to economics


Everyone is equally intelligent
This paper argues that intelligence is a substance which cannot be measured; not a quantity that can be measured.

Organizational Development

Risk and Diversity
Women who are minorities are at greater risk of facing discrimination in the workplace.

Systems Engineering

The Systems Approach to Researching
How operations research can influence and improve research.

Volume 1 :

End of Rent Seeking

How the internet can help create lobby to represent the average citizen’s interests


Log Optimal Portfolios for the Poor

A novel way to create wealth for the disadvantaged without increasing taxes.


Systems Approach to Internet Usage and Search

An approach to optimizing time spent on the internet


Preview Volume 2 :

P Versus NP: A New Frame

A novel reframing of the P=NP? Question.  Is NP complete a unsolvable problem or problem or a poorly framed problem by humans.


Logical postulates of Risk

A logic based approach to credit risk in the spirit of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus .


Lacanian Theory and Organization Development: A Synthesis

Applying Jacques Lacan’s Psychological theory to the field or Organization Development and desire of change.


Systems Approach to Investment Management: Does Constant Proportion Investment beat Volatility Pumping?

Given the increase in market volatility it is important to know how to leverage it. A comparison of Dollar Cost Averaging, Value Averaging and Constant Proportion or Volatility Pumping via Monte Carlo Simulation.  


Artificial Intelligence and  Random Forests: Sense Making

An article discussing how random forests are a form of distributed intelligence like financial markets and swarm intelligence.


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