The Elite-Egalitarian Interdisciplinary Journal

The Interdisciplinarian was established in 2008 to accelerate the spread of ideas and solutions to existing problems.

The current system of academic journals is broken. Too many good ideas are rejected because journals demand real-world applications. But this is paradoxical: How can novel ideas be "applied" to a system based on a completely different paradigm? They can't. Furthermore, people with good ideas may not have the resources to actually implement them. Change is a slow enough process as it is. Instead of sharing new ideas, existing journals stifle the spread of ideas and positive change.

The Interdisciplinarian is more than a journal. It strives to be a rapid agent for change by greatly accelerating the dissemination of ideas. The journal consists of two components: The IdeaSpace and the ApplicationSpace. Articles containing ideas related to any discipline (economics, urban planning, anthropology, operations research, mathematics, biology, art, and many others) are published in the IdeaSpace.

The ApplicationSpace consists of articles related to empirical applications of ideas.

The InterDisciplinarian is free for readers and authors. We pride ourselves on being part of the OpenSource movement.

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